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Who Is A Sexy Soul?

A Sexy Soul is a leader, a lover, a scientist and life long learner of their own life's experiences. It is someone living toward his or her greatest potential committed to the cycle of life & love--they fail, they learn, they're grateful for seeing the lessons. They lose, they appreciate, they learn, they trust, they move, they shed, they transform, they transmute. They gather self-data, they modify, they adjust, they grow, they change, they breathe, they smile, and they connect to the rest of the world who needs them.

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10th February 2013
How to tell if you’re ready for coaching

If the title of this post caught your attention it is no coincidence you are here reading this now, but how do you know if you're ready for coaching?  There are 3 levels of people.  See where you fit then decide if you are a good fit for the call.


5th January 2013
The History Behind The Sexy Soul Makeover

Sexy Soul Makeover is a whole life remodel.  The system reaches into the thoughts, patterns, and beliefs that are keeping us on the spot we’re on & away from the experiences of love and living. This love, I’m talking about, is all about loving...

From Sexy Secrets

4 Steps to Balance in 2014

Life is a series of decisions.  When Rikki asked me what the most difficult thing was about the grief of losing my husband with 2 kids and one on the way my response was, "All the damn decisions".  The decisions...

Are you closed off to money and the love of your life?

Feeling exhilarated by a clients' success and proud of the work she's committed herself to doing!

She came to me in overwhelm, stress, indecision, and basically drowning in the in stressors of being thrown into...

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