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Lost Love Recovery kit


21-Day Lost Love Recovery Kit &

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Breaking up can be as easy as we let it be & learning how to NOT lose your man is super simple too!


Whether it’s been:
one week, one month, one year, or 10 years since your lost love or not so sexy relationship this IS a valuable next step to get you back into living the life you’ve been born to live

Did you know you could be “Happy Enough” in your current relationship and have no idea that you could be even happier if you cleared and forgave all previous pains, break ups, abandonment, and betrayal?

Did you also know whether you lost love due to break up, divorce, or even death the cause can be found by looking into your past?

  • Have you ever…
  • Wondered why you weren’t able to make it work?
  • Spent time worrying about him or trying to fix his issues?
  • Felt tired, confused, & overwhelmed trying to “figure out” what went wrong & have little energy left to have fun?
  • Felt like you failed in some way and wonder what you could have done different?
  • Felt pissed off or resentful that he had no problem having fun while you were left to the responsibilities?

Some of these things are extremely hard to admit.  I know because I have felt them, wasted time on them, and tried to control things in my relationships that were none of my business too 

“I can’t say enough about my self discovery in the last six months though I know I have so much more to do but it has really brought me back to that true authentic self I was before all hurt and pain! It isn’t always easy but it has been worth every minute and really changed my relationships not only with my kids but my whole family! I can’t wait for what is ahead! Thanks so much Jodie for guiding me!” — Kim

Jodie’s Sexy Soul Makeover

When I was a little girl, about the age of 8, I made a pack with myself that I would be a responsible adult who had responsible behavior who took care of her children’s needs and didn’t put them in danger. You see, my dad was an incredible daddy who loved me like a daddy should love his little girl building me up with praise and admiration, but on the father side he left a lot to be desired. He got caught up in the drugs of the 70s and rock n roll and chose that lifestyle as opposed to being a father with boundaries, rules, and guidance.  My mom married him when she was 18 after her dad died basically killing himself with alcohol from cirrhosis of the liver.  He too, my mother will say, was a great daddy.

I believe we create our experiences.  I believe we have come to this lifetime to accomplish love, connection, and a purpose our soul was born to share.  I believe God works through us and through other people and what looks like shit is actually been placed in our experience for us not to be a victim of it but rather thrive from it to birth our purpose.  I believe the conscious mind isn’t formed until were 7 years old and the subconscious mind is like a fish bowl taking in all feelings, emotions, experiences as Truth and beliefs are formed here.  I believe all of this based on much scientific research my own experiences with God, the Divine universe, and my everyday life.

I married that responsible man with good behavior in 2000.  We would later bring two children into that marriage.  He was an amazing man who was a good daddy, a good father for my kids, and a pretty damn good husband for me too.  However, when he did something that I found irresponsible, yet quite normal for any man, I punished him.  I would resent him for not being the perfect man I signed up for, and inside I was making myself miserable because I didn’t know how to release him from my control and accept responsibility for what I knew to be true–it was me that couldn’t control herself not him.  I became a self taught relationship guru with a library of books from “Don’t Sweat the Small Things” to “Men are from Mars Women are from Venus.”  This was a library I wasn’t proud of but I was in constant search of what the hell was wrong with me.  Why could I not relax?  Why was I worried all the time?  Why didn’t I jump into my husband’s arms like my soul was telling me to do?  And yet, I couldn’t admit to myself let alone him that something was not right inside me.

My first wake up call came in 2006 when he said, “I think we need counseling.  I’m not happy.”  Not only was I unwilling to admit the problem within myself I was now called out by the man that I trusted the most because if he wasn’t happy I was responsible for that.  I was so unwilling to admit that asking for help didn’t mean I wasn’t smart enough to figure it out on my own that I was more willing to sacrifice our marriage. For two years, I worked my ass off trying everything under the sun I knew to connect to my him and avoid the doors of therapy.  I’d been there before I knew what came next –divorce, and I wanted to prove there was another way.  I wasn’t going to repeat what my mother had chosen in her life.  In those two years we did reconnect.  We connected about as much as we possibly could have “on my own.”  We were excited to be pregnant again with our third child.  He was more ecstatic about this one than I had seen him be with the previous two or maybe I just paid attention this time more.  I loved my husband more than I had ever loved any other man and I began to see him with new eyes .

Then, I got the second wake up call It was 11-11-08, my phone rang, and a nurse on the other end told my young, athletic and full of life husband “coded” while getting ready for routine shoulder surgery.  She said he was still alive, but I knew in that instant that I needed to change and our lives would never be the same again.  With her words and the thoughts in my mind I felt a surge of energy rush through my body as if it transformed in that very moment.

For many hours they tried to bring him back & then I was told they pronounced him dead.  He was accidentally killed by an extremely small human error when the needle injected with anesthesia pierced through his main artery-sending anesthesia to his heart. 

Roddenbaugh17cI was left rolled up in a ball, holding my pregnant belly in the most naked pain I had ever felt. I thought I had died too and I literally saw myself out of body looking down at that naked woman as if she were someone other than myself. I heard my father in-law utter three words that brought me back to a life, “My grand babies!”

I knew right away that no one was going to be able to take care of me unless I decided for myself that I was worth fighting for, my babies needed me at my best, and I said as loud as I could scream in my head, “Get in your fucking body!  You have big shit to do here.  You will not let him die for nothing!!!”

All fear was gone.  I felt an intense feeling of gratitude for being able to still breathe, for the baby in my belly, the children I had at home, and the seemingly hundreds of people waiting outside the hospital room for me to greet them.  I found such strength in their numbers and felt such a deep appreciation that I had never felt before from a room full of people.  There was nothing left to say that day except, “Thank you for being here.”

I made three promises to my husband that gave me no other choice but to fight to bring my Sexy Soul out from her darkness.

Fighting forward means we have to look back to find what needs to be forgiven, to be grateful for finding those lessons, and to appreciate the holy mess out of where you’re currently standing.  That’s where the lessons are to the future.  I learned I was essentially living more like a widow when my husband was living.  The verb definition is “to deprive yourself of something of value that you desire.”  I had a husband who adored me no matter how miserable I was inside or how much fat or perfection I used to cover my own wounds. I was depriving myself of more love and happiness, felt guilty for even wanting more, and ashamed for my imperfections as a wife and mother- even though I never would have admitted it then.  I learned that even though I made a conscious decision around age 8 that I was going to marry a good man with responsible behavior I could not conquer my subconscious mind on my own.  The one that was used to co-dependent behaviors, who found safety in divorce, in disconnection, in substance abuse, in sexual disfunction, in parents who couldn’t commit to responding to life and instead turned the other way.

Then came wake up call #3.  Two years after Thor died I began dating one of his friends.  For two more years, I spent working out all my wounds that I had repressed through my younger years.  This time I asked for help.  Lots and lots of help from many different modalities and professionals.  I became a better scientist of my own life as opposed to the study of others.  This relationship was like looking into a mirror and every time I saw something I wasn’t going to keep inside me I did the work to release it.  Until finally, I had had enough.  I was consciously aware that I was trying to prove that I could fix this man and prove I loving someone was enough to help them change and grow and I was also consciously aware that this was impossible and quite false.  I looked in that mirror and I realized I was not acting as myself I was acting as my mom and my former BF was the same image as my step father.  NOT by any means what I was going to choose for my life and more seriously for my children’s life.  I had to draw the mind in the sand and it had to be so deep that I could never cross over it again, which I did many times before.

Jodie @Necklace Trail 221-3What I now know, is that the subconscious mind is a powerful thing not to be taken lightly.  It was built to protect us from dangers as a child but we are now adults and have little to fear except our own unconscious living.  To that the key to happiness is a wholehearted decision to LIVE LIFE NOW not wait for God to bring you what you desire but rather claim it and move on it allowing Him to show you along the way.

Life is a process and living it is a gift.

The Sexy Soul Makeover is an ongoing process.  It’s not just something you do to get over a hump, it’s not a diet, it’s not a one-time deal.  It’s built on countless hours of research and my own practice proven by my clients.

Did you know it takes:

  • 21 days to awaken new knowledge
  • 40 days to change old patterns
  • 90 days to integrate the new knowledge into all aspects of life
  • 120 days to make the new knowledge a part of who you are now& what you’re spirit now believes
  • 1000 days of focusing on that belief in order to become a master of it?

This is your NEXT step if you:

  • You want to have fun with your life
  • You want a relationship that rocks your world and his world too
  • You want life and love to be easy
  • You want to feel radiant rather than worn out, burnt out, & maxed out
  • You want the fitter, leaner body that is yours for good not just for the summer vacation
  • You want to feel healthy and be in charge of your life by worrying less, complaining less, bitching less, & breathing more
  • You want more energy, more time, more cooperation, more patience, & more sleep
  • You want to be a cutting edge leader, kick ass mom, & a woman who knows how to ask for what she wants and get it

graceWomen like you who are choosing their Sexy Soul Life:

Jodie is a wonderfully intelligent woman with a real gift in helping others to identify why problems exist in life, what we can do to let go of them and how to make a shift in a positive direction to avoid repeating the same old “shit” ( ; from our past. I am so grateful to Jodie for helping me find and understand my sexy soul!” – Grace Duckworth www.fitbodyclearmind.comemily

From my first session with Jodie, I was able to see how I had been limiting myself, and I was left feeling invigorated. I no longer needed to silence my intuitive thoughts. I knew with her help, I was going to be living as the person I wanted to be without shame.” – Emily Brown

Here’s What You will Get in the Sexy Soul Makeover’s 21-Day Lost Love Recovery Kit:

A 21-Day guided e-workbook and Love Map Process

This notebook is a tool to be able to record your insights, new knowledge, and action steps. You will not only get the recordings to listen to over and over but also the workbooks to read, revise, and work through again and again.

I want you to be successful.  I want you to know love.  I want you to be so happy that the only tears you know are tears of freakin’ joy and gratitude in your life and in your love.

jenniferMore from the people:

Jodie has helped me sort through my long list of ‘shoulds,’ identify my ‘little shits,’ and redirect my energy to get in touch with my greater purpose. I am now able to love myself like never before and my entire outlook on life has shifted because of it.” – Jennifer Mickelson

I can’t say enough about my self discovery in the last six months though I know I have so much more to do but it has really brought me back to that true authentic self I was before all hurt and pain! It isn’t always easy but it has been worth every minute and really changed my relationships not only with my kids but my whole family! I can’t wait for what is ahead! Thanks so much Jodie for guiding me!” — Kimamy

In one session, Jodie was able to help me begin to identify the barriers that keep my self worth stagnant.  I learned how to change my thought pattern when those feelings begin to sneak in. This has kept me from bottoming out…and beginning to live the life I deserve.” - Amy Searcy

It’s so cliché to say life is too short



to waste it on anything other than feeling good, being happy, and enjoying the livin’ mess out of it!
You landed on this page for a reason.  You are drawn to this Makeover for a reason. Quit wondering if it’s the right thing to do and hit the button to find out already! It is time. Xo


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Jodie is inviting you into this revolution of women living on purpose while leading their children and anyone else willing to follow.


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